Industry / Craft

For the cleaning of:
Productional parts in industry and craft. Perfect for the cleaning of items awaiting further processing after cleaning, such as electroplating, titanium-nitrite coating, etc.
Even difficult spots on micromechanics or items with bore holes are reliably cleaned.

Removal of:
Lapping and polishing media, grease, oil, wax, scale, etc. Sonoswiss units have also been designed for the use in industrial production processes. The splashwater protection rim keeps the operating panel dry and clean. The cover (optional accessory) is made of polypropylene and very resistant against almost every chemical substance.

Cleaning recommendation:
There is a multitude of options for industrial cleaning. Grease, oil and wax are usually removed in an alkaline bath.
Acid cleaners are used to remove mineral contaminations and rust. The neutral Sonoswiss cleaner is perfect for the cleaning of plastic items and surfaces because it leaves the surfaces antistatic. For further instructions please see the list of industrial chemical cleaners. Ultrasonic mode: Sweep. For tenacious contaminations: Boost.