Jewellery / Coins

For the cleaning of:
Worn or repaired jewellery, stored pieces and jewellery in the jeweller's workshop.

Removal of:
Oxide layers after soldering, polishing pastes in the jewellery production, grease and traces of make-up on worn jewellery. Set stones and grooves between stones are perfectly cleaned. Our units are particularly good for cleaning items made of gold, platinum and silver, also for hard precious stones such as diamonds and saphires. Caution with soft stones and corals! These could be destroyed or delustered.

Cleaning recommendation:

In the jeweller's workshop:
Removal of wax with Sonoswiss Cleaner T 2 at temperatures exceeding 60°C
Removal of grease with Sonoswiss Cleaner T 2 at temperatures exceeding 45°C
For quick brightening of the jewelry, we recommend our T8.

For cleaning coins, there is a difference between old collector pieces made of nonferrous heavy metal and those made of precious metal. The cleaning method also depends on whether the coin is designed as "polished plate" or not. Immerse nonferrous heavy metal coins in Sonoswiss Cleaner T4 for only a short period (max. 3 min.) at 50°C. Precious metal coins are best cleaned in Sonoswiss Cleaner T4 (max. 6 min.) at 30°C. If you are not sure carry out cleaning tests to avoid delustering or decolouring of the surfaces.
Ultrasonic mode: Sweep