For the cleaning of:
Glassware, laboratory instruments, sieves etc.

Laboratory applications are:
Homogenize, emulsify, degas, dissolve

Removal of:
Chemical residues, coking and soot, baked residues of chemical reactions, microbiological residues. With Sonoswiss ultrasonic units your instruments will be clean without any residues. The Sonoswiss ultrasonic cleaning concept is safe and meets the highest demands.

Cleaning recommendation:
Glass and ceramics are best cleaned in Sonoswiss Cleaner T2 or, for tenacious contaminations, in Sonoswiss Cleaner T 2 at a temperature exceeding 50C. Caution with light metals: here use Sonoswiss Cleaner T 4.
Ultrasonic mode: Sweep
The degassing of HPLC solvents is possible in the 1 litre solvent bottle. For this, fill the ultrasonic tank with water, add a little tenside liquid for improved coupling. Degas period between 30 and 60 minutes.
Ultrasonic mode: Degas