Dura-S Line

The DURA-S apparatuses are undoubtedly the most resistant ultrasonic cleaning apparatuses available in the market. The robust single-tank apparatuses are equipped with a short-circuit protected generator, ensuring perfect adaptation to voltage and frequency fluctuations and coping with all poor starting conditions.

The 140- and 220-litre floor-mounted cleaners can be smoothly switched between 28 and 80 kHz ultrasound, thus offering the perfect frequency for the respective, individual type of contamination and sensitivity of the component to be cleaned. An ultrasonic power control in the apparatus allows to set the cleaning power infinitely from 20 to 100%, thus offering ideal conditions for the implementation of perfectly coordinated cleaning processes.

The welded tubs are made of 2mm thick duplex stainless steel and are closed with a stainless steel hinged lid provided with a condensation water duct. All special functions can be selected manually, depending on the type of use. The BOOST allows to temporarily increase the cleaning power, while the DEGAS function ensures quick degassing of the cleaning liquid. The SWEEP function for improved power distribution in the cleaning bath can be activated as well. The heating temperature is adjustable 5°C increments up to 80°C; the ultrasound duration from 1-5 min. in 1-min. increments or 5-30 min. in 5-min. increments. To ensure uncompromising quality during the entire process, all outlet pipings and valves are made of stainless steel.

The massively constructed ultrasonic cleaning apparatuses can be delivered with a mobile stainless steel substructure, ensuring flexible types of use.