The innovative PRESET apparatuses are unique in the market and include a novel function to save a preselected programme. This allows for frequently used parameters to be saved, thus guaranteeing exact repetition of the cleaning process by any apparatus operator at any time.

The table apparatuses are available from 0.8 to 30 litres and work with proven 37 kHz ultrasound. A newly developed generator automatically integrates the SWEEP function, while BOOST and DEGAS are still selectable options. LEDs on the redesigned operating panel display TARGET and ACTUAL values. The heating temperature is adjustable in 5°C increments up to 80°C; the ultrasound duration from 1-5 min. in 1-min. increments or 5-30 min. in 5-min. increments. The “Swissness” look gives the apparatus a visual enhancement without losing sight of robustness.